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Jon Marsiglia


Jon's true passion is hospitality. It's going above and beyond, and making each guest feel like they're the only guests in the restaurant that truly drives him. Growing up in Lafayette, Louisiana definitely helped shape who he is today. All family functions and gatherings revolved around food, so it was only natural to take that background of food and hospitality and enter into the restaurant business. After studying Business Management at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, Jon began working seriously in a restaurant in 2000. Though he dabbled in the service industry - as a bus boy, burger flipper, pizza deliverer - it wasn't until he started waiting tables at La Fonda's that he truly realized where his future lay. Learning the basics of hospitality in a traditional restaurant environment helped to form the foundations of the passion which he brings to a restaurant. After working and managing in many restaurants between Lafayette and New Orleans, he finally came home to Coquette.