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No Menu Takeout GOBOAT Kobenhavn with Marjie's Grill

2800 Magazine Street, New Orleans 70115

We’re excited for this weeks No Menu; Takeout Edition …”GOBOAT Kobenhavn!" It will be a collaboration between the Coquette team and the Marjies Grill team. We’re throwing it back to 2018 when Kristen & Mike (of Coquette) and Caitlin & Marcus (of Marjie’s) were in Copenhagen for the MAD Symposium. We had an epic week but the most memorable day was our Go Boat day! We shopped our way thru the Torvehallerne Market, bought a portable charcoal grill and boated thru the canals of Copenhagen. We stopped to grill on a small dock outside of Christiania and had one of the best feasts ever. We hope to capture  some of the food and vibes we enjoyed that day through this menu! (Captains hats highly encouraged!)  

* All pickups will be on Friday. Please leave your ideal time in the form and we will call to confirm all pickups and set a time on Wednesday and Thursday. We will do our best to accommodate your selected pick up time.

**Ryan has picked a Secret Ration bottle that the Coquette and Marjie's team enjoyed throughout the day on the boat. It's a low proof  fortified wine (375ml) that will pair beautifully with this menu. When ordering there will be an option to add it on for $15. His 3 pairings will still available to add when we call to confirm orders. 

A reminder....accommodating allergy and dietary restrictions has proven to be very difficult. We will not be able to accommodate changes or substitutions. Please know that it pains us to not accommodate all of you, but we are still learning how to most efficiently operate within our current business model. This meal will contain pork, finfish, shellfish and dairy.  If you have further questions about contents, but not the actual menu, please email us. 

Our Wine Guy, Ryan Plas, will have 3 different price tiers of wine that will pair with the meal and we hope to include a special surprise with each weeks offering. If you would like Ryan to call to discuss wine options please indicate that with a "YES" reply  in the form. If you are interested in wine be sure to check out  Ryan's Suggested Pairings 

After you have purchased your meal (each meal feeds two diners) we will call each "reservation" by Friday (starting Wednesday afternoon) to confirm a more specific pick up time, any questions you may have and to add wine or other beverages to the order. Thanks! 


Have fun! Consider costuming to fit the theme! 

Try to keep the secret. Please feel free to post a “tease” or picture of you and your dining companion but no menu or dish descriptions until Sunday please.

Tag your posts! #coquettetogo #nomenu #takeoutedition

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of equipment do I need to heat and serve this meal?

Each week will be a little different but we will make sure every meal requires only a minimal amount of time and cookware to prepare. 

This week you will only need a hot oven or toaster oven. 

If ordering wine you will more than likely need a wine key. 

I’m a pescatarian/vegan/have a dietary restriction or allergy, can you accommodate my menu?

At this time we cannot. We pride ourselves on being able to take care of each and every guest, but given the current resources available to us, we don't feel we can make substitutions. This menu does contain finfish, pork, shellfish and dairy. 

What’s the menu?

 Ha. Nice try. 

How can I leave a tip?

We have started a venmo account (@supportcoquettestaff) for our staff and information will be included in the order when it is picked up. 

What if I get home and have a question or problem preparing the meal? 

You can call Coquette Thurs-Sat 1pm-8pm if you need help with the instructions.

What are the pickup times?

We are switching it up this week and the only pick up window will be Friday between 3-7pm. You can leave your ideal time in the form and we will call to set up the pick up. 

Can I get a meal for 1?

We will offer a limited amount of meals for one.  Please email and we can make it happen! 

When is the next theme released?

Themes will be released Sunday afternoon, orders can be placed starting the following Tuesday at noon, confirmation calls begin Wednesday, and pickups scheduled for Friday.

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