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No Menu Takeout Valentine's Day

2800 Magazine Street, New Orleans 70115

Valentine's Day is coming up fast! We would love to have you dining in with us next Sunday but No Menu Takeout really is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. For this year's menu we are taking a trip to France. The dinner will consist of three savory dishes and one dessert that reflect our idea of a romantic evening in Paris. There will be a few fun surprises along the way and also the chance to light some food on fire! 

Ryan will have 3 different price tiers of wine that will pair with the meal.  If you would like Ryan to call to discuss wine options please indicate that with a "YES" reply  in the form. Ryan will have wine descriptions up soon. 

Pick ups can be scheduled for Sunday Feb. 14th  between 1pm and 5pm. If this window does not work for you we can arrange a time that will when we do our follow up phone call.

**One ticket serves two people!

A reminder....accommodating allergy and dietary restrictions has proven to be very difficult. We will not be able to accommodate changes or substitutions. Please know that it pains us to not accommodate all of you, but it becomes very difficult to execute the packaged meals with various allergies. This meal will contain gluten, shellfish, dairy and pork. 

If you have further questions about contents, but not the actual menu, please email us. 

After you have purchased your meal (each meal feeds two diners) we will call each "reservation" by Thursday (starting Wednesday afternoon) to confirm a more specific pick up time, any questions you may have and to add wine or other beverages to the order. 


Have fun! 

Try to keep the secret. Please feel free to post a “tease” or picture of you and your dining companion but no menu or dish descriptions until Sunday please.

We are also running a little friendly competition this week. Whoever embraces the theme the best and posts photos on instagram will receive a $75.00 gift certificate to Superette. So don't forget to tag your posts! #coquettetogo #nomenu #takeoutedition

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of equipment do I need to heat and serve this meal? 

This week you will need a burner and a sauce pot as well as an oven. 

If ordering wine you will more than likely need a wine key. 

I’m a pescatarian/vegan/have a dietary restriction or allergy, can you accommodate my menu?

At this time we cannot. We pride ourselves on being able to take care of each and every guest, but given the current resources available to us, we don't feel we can make substitutions. This menu does contain gluten, shellfish, dairy and pork.

What’s the menu?

 Ha. Nice try. 

What are the pickup times?

Pick up times are Sunday Feb 14th between 1-5pm at Coquette. You can leave your ideal time in the form and we will call to set up the pick up. If this window doesn't work for you we can do our best to accommodate an earlier or later pick up on Saturday. 

Can I get a meal for 1?

We will offer a limited amount of meals for one.  Please email and we can make it happen! 

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